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"As part of a measure to prevent rampant spam entries, this feature was turned on for older communities that were set to open membership and unrestricted posting. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. (Members of communities without active maintainers may contact support for assistance.)"

This is what an lj staffer told me when I asked them why all my comms were set to whitelist moderated posting this past weekend.

Pass the word, change the settings back in your own comms, leave support requests for lj to do something about the mess they've made for all comm users everywhere.

Now I'm curious: anyone seen a spam post on a comm this year? I haven't seen one in more than a year, probably two, even.

The rampant stupidity, I can't even.

Dear choice local vegan fb group members:

You all seem to be made up of utter, complete half-wits*. (*No insult to actual half-witted folks not associates with the fb group in question meant.)

B-12 is not made by your skin whenever it's touched by sunlight, nor does barley flour or any barley or other grain extract contain it — unless it's been liberally covered in dung or feces of some kind and not cleaned before processing.

In short, since you're all proclaiming you do not need B-12 supplements in any way, shape or form and you're all super, I have to conclude YOU ALL EAT SHIT, as human feces does have a healthy heaping of B-12.

Please SMEG OFF, because you're bad enough of an embarrassment for vegans everywhere that you make me want to give up the title just so I'm not in any way associated with you. That includes you, eat-raw-for-more-than-a-month-and-you'll-get-sick-and-weak-I-know-cuz-I-dun-dat-me!guy.

Hate all you morons lots,
"uses no animal products or byproducts in any way, shape or form but also has some garden variety common sense" me
(you can keep "vegan" for yourselves; I'm sure the vegan society would laugh its butts off at your "arguments" if they knew or cared about you at all.)

Writer's Block: A novel idea

Which book would you want to see turned into a videogame?

Running Man. It's epic 80's, and an old style console revival game of the flick would be perfect.

i can ryte, me

I figured I'd try my hand at writing again, and entered this drabble for the lj_scribe weekly contest.

Any votes or concrit would be very much appreciated!

New post is new.

Hot summer is hot. And summer-y, finally.

This post brought to you by an effort to keep this journal from being deleted by lj. Lurkers act now, save your journals!

A little Czech, anyone?

Hi y'all,

Do any of you speak Czech, or know anyone who'd be willing to do a small bit of vegan activism related translating in the Czech->proper English direction?

Any help will be appreciated; I need this ASAP, unfortunately.

testing, testing

One of these days I'll figure out how not to mess up posts using a posting client. @#$%^&*#$%^&*!

In the meantime, here we go AGAIN:
these are the HTML codes that are alright to use on lj

I swear I should be able to remember that link by heart now.
My brother has been on my case for ages to give up the Evil Animal Torturing Corporation(TM) hair colorants, but. As far as I've been able to check, though, all the stuff I see on the self is either that, or cheap-ass who-knows-where-and-how-it's-made(-in-somebody's-back-yard).

Any advice on what hair dyes (permanent, natch!) are vegan - not animal tested, and the like - and preferably available around Europe? (I've checked the previous posts on this topic, but the brand names mentioned there don't ring any bells.)
I finally broke down and got a plus account so I could use and abuse the lj scrapbook. It's good because I can upload huge pics and it resizes them for the viewers all on its own. *grin wide*

Long story short, these are crossposted all over the place, but you guys go as well:

One fine day about two weeks ago there were some beets cooking when I was home for the holidays, and as beet juice (drained from under the cooked beets) makes a great colorant for many baking and cooking recipes, I decided to try a new one:

Red Pancakes (that's Crepes fer ya yanks)

Recipe and the making-of pics in the gallery linked above.

Basically, take any crepe (or even pancake) recipe and substitute the liquid ingredient with beet (cooked, that is) juice. That's it. You'll have a blast at the natural color you get, and the beet juice can't really be tasted once done at all.

Yummy and simple, plus looks rrrrrrrrreally cool. :-D

If you make something using beet juice, take a pic or just tell me about it; I'd love to know what else tastes good when red.